About Cobeco Coffee Roastery

The heart of the coffee bean is people. This coffee bean is ever present and it works like air; it’s part of your daily life sometimes without thinking about it until you realized something is missing in your day… COFFEE. You need it when you wake up in the morning and need your morning “fix”, reading your morning paper, having coffee with a loved one, in the office, in the boardroom, after a meal, at church, reading a good book… coffee is ever present.

Where there is coffee, there are people. Therefore our business is about people who love coffee. That’s why we as coffee roasters don’t just love coffee but we also love the people drinking the coffee.

Since roast to order is our philosophy, this means that finding our coffee at a retail store is unlikely, unless we are in control of the freshness at that outlet. With this we only roast on order to ensure that our coffee is freshly delivered.

Sample Coffee

Sample coffee packets from R56. Buy bulk coffee in boxes (4kg+) from R756. We supply coffee beansfilter coffeeplunger options and flavoured coffee.

Sample Coffee

Coffee Machines

Coffee Machine

Our Products & Services


100% Arabica coffee beans and filter coffee, imported from Africa & Central America.  We roast to order, ensuring you always receive the freshest coffee delivered to your door.



Custom packaging suited to your needs. For example, we can supply sachets of coffee according to the size of the plungers in your hotel/guesthouse. This includes a low cost label with your details on each packet. We do custom packaging for corporate gifts, thank you gifts, functions, etc. We can also package the coffee in bags of up to 25kg for large catering needs. Please contact our office for more information.

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