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Starting at R2,999.00

We have 4 different coffee percolator sizes to choose from 6l, 8l, 12l and 16l.

We offer four types of coffee machines in different sizes, that percolate filter coffee for your office, school, church or event, in one session. The coffee takes approximately 30 minutes to brew, depending on the size of your machine, then keeps it hot the whole day without burning the coffee. In fact, the coffee taste gets more mature with time, which gives it a more caramel after taste as the day goes by.

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They are available in various sizes, perfect for use in Guesthouses, Offices, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, Churches, Weddings and other Venues. Cobeco Roastery has pre-packaged coffee according to our machine specifications, for your convenience. You can view our Custom Packaged Coffee here.

They are made of double wall stainless steel, don’t require any filters, look professional, don’t require services, and can make from 20 cups to 74 cups of coffee! Whether your office or household drinks 20 cups of coffee a day, or you need to serve a large amount of coffee in a short time, our coffee machines will suit that need.

We also have available custom packed, freshly roasted coffee to go with the coffee machine of your choice, so you can serve a great cup of coffee without breaking the bank!

We deliver to your door at R100, anywhere in South Africa. Contact us today to place your order, or send an email to Card payments are accepted upon delivery in Gauteng.

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6L, 8L, 12L, 16L

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